Women's (And Men's) Cycling Jeans Now At REI!

Looks like they won't be in store until September, but they're online!  If they're the same as the capris from earlier this year then I assume sizes will transfer pretty well.  It's still too summery here to move to long pants just yet, but I've been wearing the Novara commuter shorts all summer long and really dig them.

The rest of the fall line is available too, with a plethora of jackets, long sleeved shirts, and what looks like some rain and snow resistant gear as well.  There's plenty more where that came from, and everything is available for both men and women - so go online or check your local REI if you're looking to snag some new gear this winter.

I feel like a hybrid commuter with my full kit and all out speed demonry in the mornings and my relaxed clothing and leisurely jaunts in the evenings.  I'm sure that breaks some rule somewhere.  Kind of like how I enjoy both the bay area and Los Angeles.  

Going back to the theme of seasons, summer brings out some awesome people.  

It's ultra absorbent.
Seeing a bit of wackiness brought to the peninsula is always refreshing.  Like the slew of yarn bombings that have hit San Mateo recently.

I'm all for this - it protects my frame!
And now I give you Chris Froome Looking At Stems.

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