I Can't Have Nice Things

I managed to kill a crank arm yesterday.

Not necessarily in one fell swoop, but a slow, miserable death of sadness, brought on by me neglecting to thoroughly tighten the arm when I replaced the bottom bracket a few days back because I was too busy getting my fingernail to stop being a blood cannon.  Don't check your belt tension while you're spinning your cranks, kids.

Anyway, I undertightened and noticed it on a ride a few days later, to which I tightened it properly and moved on, but by then it was too late.  The arm was damaged enough to no longer fit on the spindle, and after slowly being gnawed away yesterday was most definitely its last ride.  

This is why I'd make a terrible doctor.

The silver lining is that I got to ride the District Carbon to work, even though I still age about ten years every time I have to take it on the train.

I'm always a bit mentally handicapped whenever I switch from fixed to not, so my ride this morning certainly wasn't the most graceful, as it took me about thirty minutes to remember that holy crap this things coasts and using my legs to stop does nothing.  

Meanwhile, a new crankarm is on the way (left side, easy enough - and the right is all good, I checked) so the commuter will be back in commission by Monday.  I also took the opportunity to change my cleats, because this is what happens when you have to run to the next bike car on Caltrain.

To be fair they still worked pretty okay.
Finally, some exciting things are happening in regards to the Takhion headset caps and this restoration!  

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