Ta-daaaaa I need more work benches.
I was feeling a bit funky on Sunday, but nevertheless I decided to take some time to get the shop up and running.  It was a lot of pulling boxes back and forth and unpacking them, but it's starting to look like an actual place where bikes are made.

I still have to pick up the tanks, and I have so much space (about three times as much as before) that I have no idea what to do with it all.  I suppose I will be scouring garage sales for more workbenches and tool storage.  

My new space is much more, uh, legit than my old place.  My neighbors consist of welders, a blacksmith, woodworkers and sculptors, so I have a lot of really knowledgeable people near me.  Also, this space is wired for 220!  Perhaps TIG is in my future.  


Tell me your bike related thoughts!

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