The Dreadnought Has Landed!

I am lucky enough to be one of those people who lives behind a shop that sells bike accessories, as well as other amazing and wonderful things.  I also had a bit of a dilemma: the path I take to get home is not very well lit, and my headlight was a dinky little thing I bought for $15 or so as more of a "be seen" as opposed to "see" measure.  Living in the bay, this was fine.  Here, I needed something beefier.  

Thankfully, said awesome shop sells Portland Design Works accessories, and I had been eyeing the Cosmic Dreadnought for a while.  110 Lumens seemed like a good amount of light, and $65 seemed like a nice price.  So I went ahead and ordered three.  
I swear they're not all for me!
Once I've used this light for more than one ride, I'll post a comprehensive review.  But so far...HOLY CRAP I CAN SEE EVERYTHING.

2012 Distance Count: 224 Miles | 360.5 Kilometers

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