So I fell on the way home last night.  Apparently what happened was that I was attacked by a rogue pothole on The Strand that caused a part of my fender to come loose, which in turn got caught in my rear wheel, causing the rear wheel to lock up and me to fly over the handlebars.  It was good times.  Really, I hit the pothole because I have a terrible headlight and can't see anything, but that's a different thing entirely.  

However, it seems that the part of my fender that caught the tire tore a good chunk off of it in the process.  

Really, I have no idea if it's still rideable.  That didn't stop me from riding on it to work today, but just to be safe, I ordered a new tire last night and ran this one at a lower PSI than usual.  It seems okay, and no flats so far...soooo...
Thanks for making sturdy tires, Tufo.
I met a woman on my ride to work today who's been commuting daily by bike for 32 years.  You go girl! 

2012 Distance Count: 217 Miles | 349.2 Kilometers

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