No NAHBS for me

Sometime during the period where I was a starving and sleepless art student in college, some sort of metamorphoses occurred unbeknownst to me that made getting plane tickets a nightmarish excursion.  Before when I traveled, going online and getting tickets wasn't so bad, nor too expensive, usually.  Now that I am no longer a starving student and have the desire to go places, it's turned into the worst video game I've ever played.  My point here is, after scouring the internet, countless bargain sites, and even trying to change my miles, I could not for the life of me find a ticket back home for anything less than $360...before taxes.

Now, don't get me wrong - NAHBS seems like a cool thing that would be a great experience, but I would like to have a little money left to actually potentially spend at NAHBS itself.  Also, it would be nice to eat this weekend. 

So sadly, I won't be attending NAHBS as I previously thought I might.  Instead, I will sit at home drinking coffee probably spiked with something and fuming while I scroll through various blog posts of the lucky people who do get to fly to Sacramento and see all of the beautiful bikes that will be on display.  

Oh well.  At least I'll get to work on my previously mentioned Nishiki Ultimate.

Go ride your bike this weekend.

2012 Distance Count: 337 Miles | 542.4 Kilometers

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