I've got nothing for you regarding NAHBS, so I suggest that today, for anyone out there who is reading this blog, you take a look at my sidebar of inspiration and check out some of the bloggers that did cover NAHBS.  Because, damn.

I can give you this neat article though!

Photo from the aforementioned neat article  

I can also give you a photo of a bike pile I came across while riding this weekend.  They're locked up like that.  Yeah...

An entire group of people thought this was a good idea.  Really.
Anyway, I'm done.  Seriously, go check out some NAHBS coverage.  So far it's pretty awesome!

2012 Distance Count: 344.4 Miles | 554.3 Kilometers


  1. Is that Leo Messi checking out that bike?

    1. Maybe he took a break from soccer to check out the killer frames at NAHBS! ;]


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