The Award for Strangest Pursuit Bars Goes To...

I tend to find myself with the strangest of things.  Bicycles and bicycle components are no exception.

I know nothing about these bars except they say Technomic on them, and I was told they were a custom project from Nitto.  I have no idea on a year, model, or anything else really - they look like an early, early precursor to the legendary Nitto Tsubasa.   

Right now they're living on a fixed gear that I am building.  The adjustability makes them quite unique - they're pursuit bars that have quite a few possibilities as far as angles and configuration go.  Seeing as I love pursuit bars and weird things, they are a good fit. 

I might bring these to the bike expo here in November and see if anyone knows the backstory.

They remind me of a manta ray.  


  1. i know this is an old post but i mentioned seeing these bars to a friend and wanted to show him what i was talking about. the picture no longer shows soon the blog page. do you have the original photo still?

    1. Hey, sorry about that! I've been getting a lot of dead links on older posts and can't keep up with them. The photo should be back now.


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