Green With Envy

So, my friend just got the coolest Rossin frameset from Brick Lane Bikes.  I've never seen a Rossin quite like this one, and I'm pretty blown away by how awesome (and how good of condition) it is.  
I dig the color scheme too.
I'm not gonna lie - when I saw this frame over on the Lo Pro blog I rushed over to Brick Lane to see if it was still available, but alas.  Small world that Preilauskas ended up getting it - I know it's got a good home :]

Not only is he a cool guy that shares my love of vintage lo pro frames (he's got one of these for crying out loud!), but he's also selling a few of his collection, which you can check out here.  

More photos under the cut!

Fillet brazed, and slightly different style than the Takhions.
Mmm, fillet brazed.
Such a sleek frame.  And I love that brake bridge!
I should add that even though I didn't get this frame, I did get another addition to the Takhion family this past week.  More to come later!

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