Outside Doesn't Suck So Much Right Now

The temperature dropped from about 113 to 83, which actually felt refreshing after the past few days of feeling like I was being smothered by a giant hairdryer.  As such, my dad and I decided to hit the local trails for a bit this morning.

It wasn't until I left my hometown after high school that I realized how bike friendly it was, and for a long time there was a killer biking blog that turned out to be based here.  Infrastructure, signage, trails, bike racks - there's enough here that it was award a bronze level award by The League of American Bicyclsts.

There's one trail that we always seem to gravitate towards - with multiple entrances and side trails that make it possible to traverse the entire town, plus little areas to stop along the way, it's the perfect ride. 

Blackberry bushes!
A nice little snack.  Not too many were ripe, but the few that were tasted quite delicious.
My dad, my riding partner.  Don't let the bike fool you, he's fast on that thing. 
I love this lacing pattern.
"Why does it only have one speed?"
At the local high school.  The remaining Fourth of July decorations are the epitome of summer here for me.  
We made it back before it got too hot, but it was still warm enough to get the quintessential summer feel of riding in my hometown.  

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