Trek District Discontinued

Looks like the legendary belt driven district will no longer be offered by Trek.  The chain based District S is still offered, but without the split frame to upgrade to a belt.  Since I know quite a few people that own (and love the crap out of) these bikes, and many more who had a hard time finding a shop that had them in stock when they were searching for one to buy, I'm wondering why the District was discontinued...along with what looks like all of Trek's belt driven bikes.  Not to mention all of Specialized's belt driven bikes as well - while, like Trek, all the chain version of the models are still offered, the belt driven bikes no longer are.

Perhaps Gates had a deal and has some future plans?  

There are still many belt driven bikes to choose from, so don't fret.  Plus, Districts pop up on Craigslist and eBay every now and then, but if you're searching for one and see one stocked in a store...might be a good idea to pick it up sooner rather than later.  

For anyone searching for a good belt compatible frame to build up, check out Speedhound.

Love the matching stem and cranks.
These lovely frames are made with interchangeable dropouts.  You can go vertical, horizontal, have a derailleur hanger, etc.  The geometry is CX specific, so if you want a slightly more aggressive build, these guys are your go-to.  Lots of colors, absolutely beautiful steel frames, and a versatile frame that can change as fast as your mind can.  Pretty cool - I'd love to build one of these into a SSCX belt driven machine.  

I wonder if we'll see any new belt driven bikes or belt components this coming year.  I'd love to see more companies offer a dedicated belt driven fixed gear at a decent price!

Edit:  According to Trek the District is being "shelved for a while."  Perhaps it's not the end for these bikes.


  1. Specialized still has two Gates belt drive models: the Source Eleven and the Source Two SE. They also have a belt-compatible frameset, the Awol Comp.

    1. Thanks for the info. At the time this was written I couldn't find any of the Source models on Specialized's site, so I'm glad they were brought back.


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