Wrap Job

I had a bit of bar tape malfunction, so when I partially re-wrapped them yesterday I decided to play around with some ideas from this thread and mix electrical tape colors.  I'm pretty terrible at wrapping bars (and these are certainly no exception), but I like the addition of a bit of grey tape.

There was already a lot of orange, so I went with grey.
 Some of the wrap jobs in that thread are ridiculous, like this Harlequin pattern that I'd love to try at some point:

Image from this thread.
There's a tutorial here, and a two-tone wrap job doesn't look too difficult to do, just time consuming.  

Wrapping bars nicely is a real art, and while you can easily throw some tape on them, it's difficult to get them looking perfect (and having both sides matching, to boot).  It's a small thing, but something that I'm going to really start practicing on and working to improve.  

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