Recent Pursuit Bar Find

They're not Takhion bars, but they might be Textima.  Or maybe Rossin.  Rossin bars were only made by 3TTT, and don't match this design - looks like they are Textima.  Thanks Bicicrono!

There's a bit of surface rust and some gunk from the previous bar wrap, but they seem pretty solid.  There are no identifying marks or labels.

They're quite wide, coming in at 48cm.  They're also quite small in diameter - the clamp size on these bars comes in at approximately 22mm.  

Anyone have any clues on this one?  Anyone have a bike to match these :]?


  1. hello! for the tachyon, Rossini and Masi handlebars made ​​of aluminum alloys. if the steering wheel of steel, most of all, it's really Textima, I suppose that this steering wheel from the bike to the races on the 1 km.

    Handlebars firm 3TTT rudders were made on the model for the tachyon - one of the coaches of the national team of the USSR gave (without permission from the tachyon) sample the helm for this company.

    1. Thanks for the information!

      I used to have a pair of the Rossin bars, and they seemed much more angular than these or the standard Takhion bars. I've been told these are Textima, but I don't have a Textima frame that I can test them on.

  2. Hi Psy,

    I'm from Australia and have built a pursuit bike (with a custom crown mounted handlebar) based on a heavily modified vintage road frame. I am very close to finishing the build, but am having real trouble tracking down some bars based on this design. If you are looking to sell these bars, please let me know and I can send you some pics of the build if you like. I'll check back here or otherwise you can email me at brad.marshall (at) gmail.com.


  3. Sorry, it left a character out of my email address. Should read brad.marshall1 (at) gmail.com


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