Remember this?

There was so much paint on it, I didn't even know it had a serial number.  Or that it said Columbus on the dropouts! 

Hard to see, but the signature is in between the chainstays.

BB Cutout.
Paint by the incredibly talented (and very patient) Ube Urban.

Decals by Hrrundel, one of the most awesome and artistic people I know.

More kindness and help with parts and identification that I ever know how to repay from the great RIV.


  1. Looks good! That's a stronger blue than in the sneak preview, looks like it's going to do a great job of soaking up the California Sunshine. The white and black lettering really does look the part too, nice choice. This is going to be a stunner when it's all built back up, must be a mission tracking down all the proper parts. Love all the brazed on stuff on this frame, the cable guides and the shifter mounts, you are going to be a one woman US-resource for all things USSR time trial soon!

    1. Thank you so much! I think my camera just captured everything too dark - it really is much more of a lighter blue.

      Finding parts will certainly be interesting, though I do have a lot of help from some of the coolest people in the world :]


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