There's A New Belt In Town

As it turns out, it's not new news, but it's the first I've seen of Continental's dive into belt drives for bicycles.

Image via BikeRumor.
While it looks similar in design to Gates's belt system, Conti seems to be using a lip on the cogs and ring to hold the belt in place instead of a groove.  And though I haven't seen parts available yet for this system, Conti's site has specifics on tension and systems so I assume that something is in the works.  And lets not forget that Continental has been making belts for cars anyway, so bikes seem like the next logical step.

You all know I love belt drives and would be thrilled to see them available to a bigger market for a lower price point, so I'm all for this.  Though I would like to get my hands on one of these belts and compare it to the Gates system, personally.

Image via Urban Velo.
Maybe this means Phil Wood will start production of belt drive parts again.  No objections there.  

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