SF Bike Expo

There was a pretty good turn out at the SF Bike Expo today, and even though I arrived before it opened it was still packed to the brim with cycling enthusiasts, part seekers, and curious onlookers.

The best was the endless amount of parts everywhere - you could probably find just about anything that you were looking for.  Someone could easily show up with nothing and leave with a whole bike made of parts they purchased just from the show.

Cupertino Bike Shop was there!
Can't forget the classics!
There were some local favorites there - Soma's booth had some beautiful bikes and goodies, including a belt drive prototype that was constantly crowded with people so I couldn't get a good photo.

A lovely slice of this copper and sky blue ride, made locally!
And as far as belt drives go - there were a lot there, and all were drawing a crowd.  There was even a trainer set up so people could test ride to see how the belt felt on an internally geared hub.  

I think a belt on a fat bike would be a blast.
There were a ton of beautiful bikes there, but the star of the show (at least in my opinion) was a stunning Hetchins.

It was cleaned up and in gorgeous condition!
I'm digging these chainstays!
And of course, no Hetchins would be complete without stunning, intricate lugwork.
Last but not least, there were some incredible "art" bikes floating around.  As monstrous as they look, I got to ride the smaller one, and it was a blast!  Not difficult at all, though probably not the best thing to commute on.

They were definitely the tallest bikes there.
Those are some insane spokes.
I had a good time, and while I didn't buy anything, I enjoyed walking around and seeing such a thriving bike culture.  My only wish is that it's bigger next time!

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