It's About Time

Slowly but surely, the answer to Where the Hell Are Cycling Jeans for Women is being answered.  REI's Novara brand recently released their full length cycling jeans for women (and men!), which I have to say I've been living in since I got them (no, really) and I'm beyond happy with them.  

I've also recently learned about an IndieGoGo campaign for RYB Denim Jeans, which was featured on Reddit and Cupcake Ride.  Check out their video below.

They've reached their goal already, but you can still donate to get a pair of these jeans at a discounted price.  

In my opinion, they look very similar to REI's design...but having not worn them yet, I don't want to jump to any conclusions too soon!  I'll save that side by side review for later down the line.

So I'm grabbing a pair while I can, because these jeans look amazing and this is definitely a company I'd like to support and see more from in the future...perhaps a pair of jean shorts for the summer?  Or a faded pair?

Anyway, there are only six days left to donate and get these jeans at the promotional price - if not, you'll have the opportunity next year when they're released.  

I do have to say to any ladies that are reading this that would like a pair of jeans right now - I cannot recommend the REI jeans enough.  The photo on their website doesn't do them any justice.  They're perfect.  Get a pair.  Really. 

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