Stay Frosty

Winter commuting has officially begun!

Icy conditions ahead.
I know for many of you this hardly counts as winter, but when everything is frosty and icy in the mornings and I get to bundle up in my cold weather gear, it does feel a bit like a winter wonderland.

The ice has caused its fair share of accidents (I often stop this time of year to help riders that have wiped out on one of the two bridges that I cross on my commute) but most riders around here are experienced enough to know to be cautious.  Dangerous though it may be, I love the way the ice looks and always enjoy seeing a layer of it collecting on my tires. 

The tracks of the riders coming off of the bridge.  Cold doesn't stop most people from riding around here.
It's in the high twenties when I leave and the low thirties when I arrive, so I get to see the world frozen on my entire ride to work.  Frost on the ground and autumn leaves still clinging to a few trees...what an awesome time of year. 

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