Happy (Belated) New Year!

Just because my holidays were a whirlwind doesn't mean that I didn't get the chance to do any work!

Not having to wake up early over this break meant I could do the adult, responsible thing and stay up until 3 AM working on bikes.  But since 3 AM is a terrible time to photograph anything in my apartment, I had to wait until this morning to get any progress photos.

Now with handlebars!
The headset has been regreased, cleaned up, and put back together (with fresh, new, non-paint filled bearings, and the crown race and headset cup were cleaned thoroughly and re-installed.  Handlebar clamps and screws were polished and de-gunked, and they were put on at the same time as the handlebars themselves to prevent damage to the new paint.  

Rear mounted brakes!  First time actually installing a new pair.  Too cool.
Brake calipers and downtube shifting levers were inspected, cleaned, and installed (though they were already in near perfect condition), and were then mounted.  Nothing is hooked up yet, of course, but all seem to be in good working condition! 

Finding adequate brake levers might be a challenge.
I'm still working on the bar end plugs needed for this bike, but aside from that I know exactly how I am going to build this bike up.  Next will most likely be the wheelset, of which I have the rear laced and just need to get spokes and nipples for the front.  This one will be a real beauty when it eventually comes together!  

One more photo of the beautiful downtube lever mounts before the levers were installed:

Amazing craftsmanship.
I'm off to tackle a few more shop related errands before the very last Tour de Christmas Lights.  Happy 2014 everyone!

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  1. as they say in Russian - "work is moving ..."


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