Hints of Spring

It's spring, and it's awesome outside.

Over the past few days it's been going back and fourth between pouring rain and warm sunshine, which has caused everything to bloom and made my little rides such a treat.

Does the garden match the bike...or does the bike match the garden?
Because I've been busy lately (more on that later) I've been mostly doing errand running and short trips on the bike as opposed to long rides.  It's been about two weeks since my last "real" ride, but I like the different feel of short trips and getting to see more of my neighborhood when I jaunt all over the place.

After I got home and snagged some photos of my garden with my bike, I was greeted by goodies from Anvil

The Phrunt Shui on a seasonally appropriate throw. 
This is the Phrunt Shui, which will be used for brazing disc brake tabs to forks.  My next two frames are being built with disc brakes, so this little guy will help me quite a bit.  My current rear dropouts have the tab built in, but eventually I will invest in the Feng Shui too.

And you'll probably think I'm nuts for being inside on a day like this, but I was doing some work while enjoying this lovely view...

Don't Walk - Ride!
I've been trying to better myself as a cyclist by stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing more workouts than can benefit me, so I took a sports conditioning class that nearly killed me.  That's why I was doing wrenching on this particular day instead of riding, as I couldn't make it up the stairs to get to my bike clothes anyway.  

All of the boring stuff that I've been dealing with is finally coming together.  After running around dealing with laws, licenses, phone calls, and lots of keeping my fingers crossed, there's really only one last thing to do - which is happening tomorrow.  

Not an April Fool's joke, I promise.  

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