Slowly But Surely

Pint sized oxy setup!
It's taking me longer than I'd like, because I have things like a day job and "responsibilities," but I've almost got everything mitered for the main triangle!

Just as I was taught, all miters are being done by hand, and everything is checked, re-checked, and checked again before any tacking is done.  Every time I file a tube even in the slightest, it goes back on the jig to ensure all measurements are correct.  You can even see my templates still attached to the top tube in these photos.  

Top tube to the seat tube.  Everything is still in progress, but it's getting there! 
I'm using a whole slew of measurement tools to ensure that all of the angles are correct, and that my slightly angled top tube (by design) maintains its angle throughout.  Neither the top tube or the down tube will get brazed until everything is cleaned and fits together nicely.  

Still working on this one.  I originally drew the template line way too far down before I realized it would probably be easier to cut the tube instead of filing down everything.  
With the days getting a bit longer I'm hoping to have more time after work for building, so maybe I'll actually get this frame finished in a reasonable amount of time!  

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