Loose Goose

Brad Marshall, a pretty incredible industrial industrial designer and overall cool guy, created this masterpiece recently.

Photo via Cycle Exif
The whole write up and a few more stellar photos can be found here, and if you're anywhere near Brisbane you'll be able to see this bike in person at Pushies Galore this coming weekend.  Aside from the design being modeled after other similar style pursuit frames, this bike is made even more special by the fact that many of the parts were 3D printed!

I remember those bars!  Photo via Cycle Exif.
Seeing this bike finished is extra cool, as I found out that Brad was up to something when he inquired about these bars.  I got to see a sneak peak of some of what he was working on, but when this popped up today I was blown away.  I'd love to see this in action at a velodrome...and even though it looks quite too large for me, I'd love to ride it! 

Brad, if you're reading this, I sure hope you have more bike related projects in mind for the future :D!!

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