An Incredible Rossin

When about a year and a half ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of a beautiful and strangely unique Rossin frame that he had acquired, I knew the finished result would be nothing short of amazing.  I see a lot of great photos of bikes, but this stunning rarity is now easily in my top ten.  And though there are still some parts that will be added and swapped out, the attention to detail and components on this bike are pretty damn amazing as is.

This frame is somewhat of a mystery - it's in nearly perfect shape and is a color scheme that neither of us have ever seen replicated.  Does anyone have any insight as to its history??   

I'm just going to post a teaser here, since you should all take the time to visit both Preilauskas' Tumblr set with a full write up and his Pedal Room profile for full specs and to see the full photoshoot!

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