Today I was greeted by a nearly empty acetylene tank.

It was well over 250 when I left last time.
If a tank is leaking, it's extremely dangerous and should be taken care of immediately!  Fortunately the warehouse that I am in is a massive, non-enclosed space and there are no ignition sources, so I removed the regulator and checked the tank.  Looks like the tank itself is fine, which is good news...but also means I need to get my regulator repaired, as it's the culprit.  My oxygen regulator is already out for repair, so at this point I might just throw in the towel and buy a new set.

Because I couldn't do any brazing, I spent the day finishing.  There are still some areas with pits that I need to fix, but I was able to at least start to smooth out the fillets and remove some extra brazing material.

Getting there!
This one was far easier to finish than the bottom bracket.
Head tube!  Here you can see some small pits that need to be filled in.  All the more reason for me to continue to practice!
Overall, I managed to at least get a rough finish on almost everything, and will do final polishing once I've brazed the problem areas and done the last few braze ons.  It's been slow, but I'm getting there.

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