Sea Change

The bicycle has by and large remained unchanged for the past century or so.  Sure it gained gears at one point, got a bit lighter and even lately uses electronics, but the core mechanisms, diamond frame, and basic concept have remained reliably the same as time has gone by.  

If only everything could be like a bicycle.

Three years ago I left Los Angeles for an opportunity to take my dream job in the San Francisco bay area, which has been nothing short of fantastic.  Here, I am close to my family, the weather is perfect and the riding is amazing.  But nothing good lasts forever, and now I am heading back to Los Angeles to keep working this job that I love, which is a whole other story in and of itself.  

I will miss my foggy morning commutes, bayside jaunts and climbs through forested mountains.   I'll miss my favorite local shops, talking bikes with the regulars on my train and my tiny little shop where I spent so many weekends.

Thanks for the memories, Seaport.
Sorry if things continue to be a little slow here for a bit.  I have one month left here, and I plan to make the most of it while I still can.  

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