Takhion Crank, Take 2!

Not only was I crazy lucky enough to find a right Takhion crank arm, recently I also found this beauty pictured below.  

Chainring is NOT Takhion though...oh well!
This 172.5mm crankset is from 1991, and is in great shape aside from the fact that the Takhion logo on the right arm has been polished off, which I might be able to get fixed in the future.  How do I know it's still Takhion though?

This is how.
The year of production and length are stamped on the back of both arms.  Sadly 172.5 is a bit long for me when it comes to track riding, though it would be perfect for road.  If anyone has 165mm versions that they'd be willing to trade, send me an e-mail!

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