Home is where the bikes are

It's taken a while to get settled in to my new place, but it's getting there.

Frame on the wall = much better.
I've decided to use my Cycloc as a "current project" station.  I'll be building everything up at the shop instead of separating frame building and bike building like I did at my old place, but constantly having a project frame up in my office is a good reminder of what I need to get done.  

I have just about everything I need for this Sport, most of which has come from the generosity of friends I've met in this awesome online bike world (hi guys!).  In the meantime, I may throw a wheelset on it just to test it out until I can get proper wheels built.  I'd really love to take this one out to the local velodrome once it's rideable!  

I've got one other bike related project at the moment that I've been working on with a pretty cool group of people, which I'll be able to talk more about here in the future.  

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