Nitto Tsubasa for sale

It's not a pursuit bike, but it's also not something that you see very often.  Anyone searching for this legend might want to check out the eBay listing here.

It certainly is pretty.
I don't really know the history behind these bars, but this velospace user writes:

"A Nitto Tsubasa handlebar is virtually impossible to find. Produced during the 70s for a short duration of time, they were always limited in quantity. Someone told me there are less than 50 left in the entire world. To find one in mint condition for sale is near impossible."

VeloBase also has the same information.  Truth be told, I've always wanted one of these crazy things, but to be honest I don't have the bike for it unless I wanted to be extremely impractical and put it on my Iribe.  I also wonder if it's possible to make my own...might be a fun experiment!

Good luck to you if you're trying to snag this one!

Both images are via the eBay auction linked above.

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