Evernote Bikes!

I kept seeing this bike around town - around Caltrain, my commute, riding around the peninsula on the weekends, I saw this bike everywhere.  First I just thought that the guy riding it just must be extremely dedicated, and then I happened to board the train with him one day, and I learned the truth: his bike was part of a fleet of bikes that were given to employees that needed them, by a company called Evernote

It's impossible to get my phone to focus on a moving train.
As it turns out, Evernote commissioned Republic Bikes for a fleet of their own personalized SS/Fixed Gear rides, available to employees that expressed a need for them to commute.  There's this nifty black and white mixte that I see the most, as well as another traditional model that I found a photo of here.  All of the bikes have a basket, lights, and a flip-flop hub.  According to the guy that I spoke who worked for Evernote, there was so much demand that they ran out of bikes.  No news on whether or not they will be making more.

I love seeing companies do things like this, whether it's offering bikes to employees or giving them incentives to ride, or local businesses that reward cycling customers

Rain tomorrow, so it looks like I'm steering clear of the velodrome and regluing some tubulars. 


I Fixed It: First Impressions of a Belt Driven Fixed Gear

Hey guys, the next part of this entry which focuses on more technical aspects is here!


If you're looking for a quick and dirty how-to, here you go!

If I were to sum up my first week of riding a fixed gear belt drive in one word, it would have to be, simply: visceral.   But let me back up a bit.

Fear not - the rear brake isn't hooked up. I just left it on there in case I failed miserably and had to switch back to a SS wheel.


Green With Envy

So, my friend just got the coolest Rossin frameset from Brick Lane Bikes.  I've never seen a Rossin quite like this one, and I'm pretty blown away by how awesome (and how good of condition) it is.  
I dig the color scheme too.
I'm not gonna lie - when I saw this frame over on the Lo Pro blog I rushed over to Brick Lane to see if it was still available, but alas.  Small world that Preilauskas ended up getting it - I know it's got a good home :]

Not only is he a cool guy that shares my love of vintage lo pro frames (he's got one of these for crying out loud!), but he's also selling a few of his collection, which you can check out here.  

More photos under the cut!


A peek at the 'drome, and another sexism rant about pants and stuff

I haven't seen all of the velodrome photos that were taken, but here's at least a preview of what I hope is a good batch.

If you're near the Bay Area, go


Takhions? Takhions.

I received a request over on Reddit to post an album of these guys.  I'm constantly in a state of moving parts around and doing little things here and there, so these are not perfect, but here are my Takhions in their glorious current states.   

Takhion Aero TT with Takhion bars and a kevlar 666 Wheel.  Currently set up with a Miche crankset and a Mavic Askium front wheel.  The tubular on the disc needs to be reglued.  This bike is in beautiful condition.

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