Bike Month: Bringing out the Bikeyness in Everyone

With May as Bike Month now being recognized in more and more places, I'm starting to see more companies and people doing little things here and there to celebrate it.  I have to admit, it's pretty awesome that all of the places that I frequently visit are now in bike mode, and even if it's only for a short while it at least gets people aware and might even get a few more out riding.  Here's some of what I've seen recently!

Mint, a fairly popular budgeting website, has finally caught on that biking can (surprise) save you money.  If you log in, you're given a financial tip about biking that will take you to an infographic, which you can check out here.  They talk about the cost of a bike vs. a car, and even though many of us still own vehicles, the cost of filling up multiple times a month compared to filling up every other month or so does add up.  And with all of the money you save using your bike instead of a car, you can spend it on more bike stuff!  

The health benefits of cycling are also mentioned, and with cyclists taking less sick days, getting exercise, and other benefits overall, it sure beats sitting in a gym on a spin bike!

Modcloth, a vintage themed clothing site, is also celebrating bike month with a whole section of cycling-inspired clothing and accessories.  Modcloth mostly caters to women (sorry guys), but looking at their featured bike gear shows a lot of fun stuff with even a few mens t-shirts included in the mix.  It might seem like a small thing, but I'm glad that Modcloth has chosen to promote cycling, especially in such a casual, welcoming way.  People don't need to be intimidated and think that you need a full kit and a bike that costs more than your soul to ride, and the more people feel comfortable riding casually on whatever bike they love, the better!  

Timbuk2 is also celebrating with some nifty new commuter bags, and they've started a Bikeshare program.  Plus they have a whole slew of bike related products all made in SF.  They're also having a Facebook giveaway - enter here!

And what better way to get people to ride by having them compete against each other?  Team Bike Challenege is a Bay Area competition where your company and your team can compete for points against others.  Points are based on miles and trips, with more rewarded for trips that would replace a car and frequency of riding.  There are some prizes from REI for the winners, though it looks like Apple is in the lead and is going to beat everyone...again.

REI of course is celebrating bike month with classes and events, depending on your area.  REI has always been a big advocate of cycling anyway, and also supports Bike to Work Day/Month in the Bay Area with incentives for those that pledge to ride (and do) for the first time.  Last year they sent me a $40 gift card just because I rode every day!  They have also expanded their commuter line quite a bit, so if you've been looking for good clothing to use on your rides to and from work, check them out.  

And, surprisingly, Walmart - yes, Walmart is having a Bike Month sale, with their bikes and bike accessories all marked down.  Now, I don't support box store bikes, but if it makes their customer base aware that Bike Month is a thing, and maybe gets a few more people out riding...then I might allow it.  

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great (and bike-full) Memorial Day Weekend!  Get out there and ride!

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