From Saturday in the Shop

Just some recent photos.  I've been trying to take shots and document my work here and there, but I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing it's hard to remember!  I did manage to snag a few, so here they are.

Paragon dropout on the dummy axle in the jig!  These dropouts are meant for low mount disc brakes and can take fenders and a rack.  Perfect.  

The hanger is slightly crooked in the jig, but this was just a test to see how they'd look.
I snapped this while adjusting the speed of the drill press.  Belt drives!

I was really worried about doing this and then it turned out to be super easy.
I tacked the main triangle in the jig before pulling it off the frame for internal brazing.  Before I started I was a little worried about accidentally burning the jig, but Anvil really makes their stuff well.  Here's the head tube all tacked up!

A little bit of char...still working on my temperature control.

My drill press, looking particularly epic.

With various safety goggles hanging off of it.
The main triangle all internally brazed.  After it cooled I soaked the flux off and then put it back in the jig...and it fit!  I managed to keep all of my measurements and angles intact.  Might seem like a little thing, but these tubes can really get pulled one way or another when they're brazed.  The tubes sang nicely as I was brazing them.  

Getting there!
Still no flux tank, so I took this home and did things in a slightly different way...

Now that the flux is off, I get to start on external brazing while waiting for the crank to come in.  Once I get the crank, I can crimp and braze the super cool chainstays.  

Also, after meeting with a pretty awesome friend of mine I can say that some really cool things will be happening in the future regarding this little venture!  Stay tuned for what our bike powers combined will result in...

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