Takhion Bar Plugs: The Second Prototypes

It's only taken me a year...

Original orphan bar plug on the left, and the reproduction on the right.  
I just got the latest prototype tonight and snapped some photos before it got too dark.  Unfortunately I wasn't quite fast enough and didn't get one of the plug actually in the handlebars - but it does fit!  Perfectly!

There are a few small changes that need to be made, some of which are visible in the photos.  I instanced the original Takhion logo from the headset cap model, which needs to be adjusted a bit.  The diameter of the top can be increased and deepened by a millimeter, and I need to re-check the proportions of the circles surrounding the logo.  Small changes, but they'll make all the difference and can be done quickly.  The next iteration should be the last!

For those of you wondering about plugs that support cables: once these pass inspection I'll modify the model to allow for brake cables.  

It's really hard to get a good focus on these tiny details.
If all goes well, these will be for sale sometime in August!

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