Merry Christmas!

Whether you spend it relaxing, wrenching, or riding, I hope it's awesome!

Merry Christmas from my stable to yours.  


Deck the Halls

Recently there has been a whole slew of amazing holiday ideas for those of us who love bikes a little too much.  It's been a hectic past couple of weeks, but I still managed to collect some of my favorites to share.  

I got one of these awesome little ornaments for Christmas last year, but ran out of time this year to make any of my own.  If you're curious though, check out how to here!  I especially love these because they don't have to be made specific to Christmas - there are many possible shapes, designs, and colors, so it's easy to make something for everybody.

Image via Bicitoro
For something a bit larger (and if you have a buttload of various sized wheels lying around), this awesome Christmas tree is a great idea.  I've also seen a mini one made out of a modified cassette.  Plus you don't have to water it.

Image via my hard drive - anyone have a source?
Or what about a Specialized Christmas Carol?  

Don't want to give up the smell of Christmas trees?  I don't blame you, and you can try this DIY bike wreath using any wheel/rim/light combination.  Who doesn't have at least one old rim lying around that you can't bring yourself to throw away?  

Image via Bike Bliss
In terms of mobile decorations, I've seen a lot of ideas floating around - garland, reindeer antlers, or even ornaments, but I am still a fan of adding Christmas lights to your ride.  How cool would it be to roll up to your annual neighborhood Christmas light ride on something like this? 

Image via Eleanor's NYC
And while it's not much nor is it very pretty, my little contribution this year was just good old bike parts on the tree.  

Mostly just lockrings.
It's still not too late to do any of these things, especially if you adhere to the holidays being celebrated until January 6th (or at least through New Years), but if not, there's always next year!


Not Quite Monday

There was a feature a while back on Prolly's site for these excellent Eddy Merckx shirts.  I managed to e-mail the artist just in time and snag one of the very last smalls!  

Too cool.
I don't get into too much cycling history on here because there are many other blogs that do it much better than this one, but that's not to say I don't love and respect it!  Eddy Merckx has always been one of my favorites, and this is actually the second Merckx shirt that I own.

Unfortunately these were a limited run and the artist doesn't have anymore right now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the rest of his awesome work here.  


Stay Frosty

Winter commuting has officially begun!

Icy conditions ahead.
I know for many of you this hardly counts as winter, but when everything is frosty and icy in the mornings and I get to bundle up in my cold weather gear, it does feel a bit like a winter wonderland.

The ice has caused its fair share of accidents (I often stop this time of year to help riders that have wiped out on one of the two bridges that I cross on my commute) but most riders around here are experienced enough to know to be cautious.  Dangerous though it may be, I love the way the ice looks and always enjoy seeing a layer of it collecting on my tires. 

The tracks of the riders coming off of the bridge.  Cold doesn't stop most people from riding around here.
It's in the high twenties when I leave and the low thirties when I arrive, so I get to see the world frozen on my entire ride to work.  Frost on the ground and autumn leaves still clinging to a few trees...what an awesome time of year. 


Christmas Came Early

Some people keep actual kitchen appliances in their kitchen.

I'll be cooking something on this, kind of.
My goal was to have a little framebuilding operation up and running sometime this coming winter.  And I generally go through with my crazy ideas.  

Pro tip: don't assemble one of these by yourself.
There's still much to be done and a lot of equipment to get, but so far the frame jig (and the not pictured fork jig) are set up and ready to go.  The workbench is in place, and the alignment table is prepped as well.  

This is happening.  I have a long way to go and lots to learn, but I'm going to do this! 
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