Rainy Day Handlebar Modeling

We're finally getting some rain here in California, which is awesome in every way except that it prevents me from getting any frame work done.  However, a request from a reader reminded me that I needed to finish up some work on another project, so here's where I'm at so far today:

Screenshots taken in Meshlab.
Takhion handlebars, modeled to scale.  There is work yet to be done on the angles, but the measurements so far are working...though it's always up in the air until a physical prototype is made.

With the clamp area extruded, to boot.
 These weren't modeled after any specific pair of bars that I have, but rather the "average," meaning I took a few design liberties when it came to width and clamp size.  All of these factors are easily changeable in the model, so it's easy to give these bars a clamp area diameter of 26.0mm and a width of 44cm, or 26.4mm and 40cm, etc.

It's hard to find a view to make these look good.  I guess I need to model a Takhion as well. 
It would be great to get these made with a CNC tube bender, but prior to that I'd like to get a printed prototype to check against the actual bars.  Unlike the Takhion caps, these are not exactly something I can 3D print due to size, so prototyping might be a while off until I get the chance to do some research on local places with tube benders.  

And I know there are a few of you wondering exactly what is up with the Takhion caps - they're not dead, just taking a long, long time with further prototyping and figuring out injection molding and whatnot.  

...I wonder if it's possible to 3D print lugs for investment casting...

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