Testing, Testing

I was able to put the crown to an actual test this weekend.

Put on the jig to test blade placement.  
This is a very rough quick test to make sure that the fork blades and steer tube fit in the crown (which they do - hooray!!).  What you see on the jig is a bit deceiving, as the crown was not automatically this perfect.  The material that this is printed in is flexible, and well...

Unless 80mm axles become a thing, this isn't going to fly.
I had forgotten to account for the angling out of the blades.  This is why I test things!

Also the jig shows the blades raked, whereas here you can see they're perfectly straight.  For this crown, the blades will have to be bent by hand, though I also have a version in the works that will allow for straight blade forks. 

Everything been adjusted and fixed in the model, and for the crown base it was mostly angles that I had to work on.  The clamps were a different story, and I had to make a lot of changes based on feedback (thanks Hrrundel!) but now they're a lot better looking and far more functional.  I'm going to do another check of the model and then send out a new iteration to print!

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