Headbadge Test Has Arrived!!

I have to apologize for being absent the past few weeks.  My regulator has again decided to throw in the towel, and I was waiting on the second test print of the Takhion fork crown to arrive.  With that shipment was another little test that I whipped up: a 3D printed headbadge.

Shown here on the top tube...it fits the headtube, I promise!
It's a bit small at the moment, but it fits the headtube nicely.  The plan is to get each one custom printed depending on the frame: some might be printed in steel and brazed on, while others will be printed in whatever metal is desired (and or matches the color scheme) and then adhered.  

The explanation behind the badge is that it's a reference to the weather symbol for nimbostratus clouds - dark, low lying clouds which have light to medium precipitation.  I wanted a design that would be easy to incorporate both the build itself and the paint, so I started using this as my logo of sorts some time ago.  Nothing is set in stone, so it might change in the future, but in the meantime I've become quite attached to it!

Once I can get back into the shop I'll test fork crown v2, and fingers crossed I'll get to move on to the actual casting stage!

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